Once upon a time there was a little village...
next to a mountain.
on the top of a mountain.
down the mountain.

Where did the king and the princess live?
In an ugly castle.
In a beautiful house.
In a beautiful castle.

Where did the dragon live?
In cave near the village.
In a castle.
In a cave near the school.

The dragon was very hungry. What did he want to eat?
A roast dinner.
The princess.
A cow.

Was the princess afraid of dragons?
Yes, she was.
No, she wasn't
She was happy.

What color was Saint George's horse?
It was black.
It was purple.
It was white.

Was saint George afraid of the dragon?
Yes, he was.
No, he wasn't.
He was sad.

From the dragon's blood, what was born?
A beautiful rose.
A beautiful daisy.
A beautiful turlip.