What is the starting point of the piece?
An empty room
A white room
An empty white room

What are visitors given?
Postcards with Kusama's biography
Coloured stickers
A photo of the room

What can visitors do?
They can walk around, but not touch anything
They can walk around and sit on the furniture
They can walk around, sit on the furniture and place stickers wherever they want

What is Kusama best-known for?
Her eccentric clothes
Her coloured rooms
Her obsession with dots

How did she come up with this motif?
She always liked polka-dots as a girl
She always saw them on TV
She had hallucinations as a child where she saw nothing but dots

Does this motif have any special significance?
It is her idea of the overall pattern of the world
It conveys her experiences as a child
It has no significance

Why is this project different from everything she has done before?
Because it is indoors
Because she uses stickers
Because she allows audiences to create the piece