What type of film inspired Edwards ?
Johnny Depp's film
Tim Burton's film
Lars Von Trier's film

What is Kosminski's cause of death ?
gangrene in an arm
gangrene in a leg
natural death

Where does Russel Edwards come from?

What did Edwards see in 2007?
A shawl from one of the Ripper's victims
A shell from one of the Ripper's victims
A cell from one of the Ripper's victims

Who is Jari Louvhelainen?
A Finnish microbiologist
A Finnish molecular biologist
A Finnish biochemist

Where did Aaron Kosminski end up dying ?
in prison
we don't know
in an asylum

How many years has he worked on this case ?
4 years
14 years
24 years

What did Jack the Ripper do to his victims?
He raped them.
He removed their internal organs.
He burned them.