What examples does Phil Hansen give of things that could be considered art?
A beautiful shopping cart
A sac of candy bars or a chair
A chair and a canvas

Does everyone agree on what art is?
Yes, everyone know what art is
Only artists, historians and philosophers agree
No, it varies from person to person

According to Phil Hansen...
Not all art is beautiful
All art is beautiful
Beauty is the best way to measure art

How can we analyze art?
Through beauty standards
Through the principles of design
Through the elements of art

Matisse said...
he paints the table
he paints the emotions he gets from the table
he paints what he sees

What is important in conceptual art?
Both the idea and the final product
The final product
The idea

How can we come closer to a definition of art?
Understanding the artist's intent
Interpreting the artist's product
Combining the artist's intent and our own interpretation