What does the title: "The last three minutes" mean?
The last three minutes of the day
The last three minutes at work
The last three minutes of life

What happens to the man while he's working?
He has a nightmare
He has a heart attack
He attacks someone

Who's the blonde lady?
His pregnant wife
His daughter
His sister

What is the man seeing?
His dreams
The most important memories from his life
The saddest parts of his life

What are his soldier friend's last words?
I love you
I want to die
I want to go home

Why is the stone in his pocket so important to him?
He found it when he was in the army
His father gave it to him when he was born
It was part of his wife's engagement ring

Who's the woman with brown hair?
His aunt
His daughter
His mother

Where did he grow up?
In the countryside
In a big city
On a boat

What was his wife's engagement ring made of?

Why do you think his wife left him?
He was an alcoholic
He cheated on her
He beat her