What was the gift?
The book
The father's lesson
The donation

Why did the boy dislike his father?
His father wasn't rich and successful.
His father had a menial job.
His father didn't remarry.

What was the message his father wrote on the pink note?
"You will be a powerful man! Just believe."
"You will be a successful man! Just believe."
"You will be a great man! Just believe."

How did the boy feel when the father told him the note was not for him?
disappointed and rejected
relieved and satisfied
cold and indifferent

His father's lesson: Being rich is not about how much you have, but how much ____________.
you save
you invest
you give

When the boy graduated, he was accepted into ______.

When the boy became a man, _________.
he neglected his father
he supported his father
he resembled his father

He told his father, he ____________.
was too busy to see him
was too tired to see him
was getting married

After his father passed away, the young man got letters thanking him for ___________.
his kind words
his donations
his support for the organization

The letters said that he was donating money to _________.
the Community Crest
the Community Food Bank
the Community Chest

What position did the man in the wheelchair hold?
Deputy Manager
Deputy Director
Deputy CEO

What did the father do for the depressed disabled boy?
He read to him regularly.
He helped him with his homework.
He clowned around with him.

Because of Lim's father's help, the disabled boy grew into _____?
an outgoing person
an independent person
a useful person

What is the best definition of the word, "selfless?"
a person who doesn't know himself
a person who doesn't love himself
a person who doesn't think only of himself

What was the name of the book in the final scene?
Have a Little Help
Have a Little Love
Have a Little Hope

What did Mr. Lim do on his father's birthday?
He donated money in his name.
He celebrated life as his father did.
He realized the importance of being rich.