The Roman philosopher, Cicero, described gratitude as
the matter of all virtues.
the mother of all virtues.
the mother of all viruses.

Gratitude is the concept of being

Scientifically, which of these does not qualify as a basic emotion?

Gratitude has been studied scientifically only
in the past thirty years.
in the past three years.
in the past thirty-three years.

Researchers found gratitude to be associated with brain activity in areas of
fairness and legal judgments.
fairness and value judgments.
following others' judgments.

In a study, how long did people write down 3 things that went well each day and why?
for one day
for one week
for three weeks

Did their happiness scores keep improving over time?
Only slightly

How much happier were the participants of the study six months later?
Five percent happier
No happier
Nine percent happier

Another study found that keeping a gratitude journal increased
half health and quality of sleep.
heart health and quality of sleep.
heart health and quality if stress.

In the video, what is another term used for gratitude?
counting your blessings
counting your sleep
counting your blushings

The main idea of this video is:
Some people are hard-wired to be more thankful.
Being grateful makes people happier and healthier.
Being grateful doesn't really help your health.