What does the presenter (Jonathan Porritt) say is more powerful than anything else?

What does he say that the "message" of advertising is?
that the more we consume, the better our lives will be
that we should shop until we drop
that shopping is at the heart of the economy

Several million people becoming "shopaholics" is...
an economic success
a disaster

Which is true?
He's in the UK and he buys apples that came from NZ by plane.
He's in the UK and he buys local apples.
He's in NZ and he buys apples that came from the UK by plane.

Where does he think we should buy our food from?
local farmers' markets
New Zealand

He says that every little act of consumerism is linked to a much bigger picture. What's the picture?
too much shopping
ice melting
the end of the world as we know it

What's been the problem for much of human history?
scarcity- poverty and deprivation
global warming

For thousands of years, there were only a few...
basic needs
conspicuous consumers
survival instincts

In the past, religion encouraged people to
be rich
be unhappy
be satisfied with very little

In the 17th century, it became
respectable to consume and flaunt consumption
easy to be rich
possible to trade

The economist Adam Smith said that individuals should
get luxury
follow their self-interest
get jobs

The 19th century saw
more factories
more wealth
a shift to consumerism

Both production and consumption were