Which of these activities is NOT connected to Halloween?
giving presents
bobbing for apples

Samhain is an ancient _______ celebration.

Why did people leave food and wine on their doorsteps on October 31?
to feed the homeless
to prevent roaming spirits from moving closer to their homes
to feed roaming ghots

What did people do to be mistaken for fellow ghosts?
They painted themselves white.
They wore costumes.
They wore masks.

All Saints' Day is also known as:
All Hallows
All Hallows' Eve

Where (and when) did trick-or-treating, souling and guising begin?
In medieval France
In ancient Greece
In medieval Britain

What did needy people do in return for soul cakes?
They would pray for people's dead relatives.
They cleaned people's houses.
They prayed for the people who helped them.

When did trick-or-treating take on the family-friendly, kid-centred form we know now?
in the 1980s
in the 1960s
in the 1950s

How much money do Americans spend on Halloween costumes each year?
more than 2.5 billion dollars
more than 2.5 million dollars
more than 6 billion dollars

Halloween is the ___________ most commercial holiday in America.