Why did Simone make a shirt out of googly eyes?
to invent a solution to the problem of feeling nervous onstage
to imagine everyone in the audience is naked
to be able to see the audience better

What does Simone do?
She invents machines that do useless things
She is a comedian
She works with children

Simone says that her toothbrush machine failed to revolutionize dentistry, but _______________.
she did sell thousands of them on the internet
it changed her life
it helped her find a husband

Someone who has severe performance anxiety is afraid of what?

When Simone became interested in building robots, what was her biggest problem?
She had to learn on her own.
Building with hardware is really difficult to do.
She was worried that her robots might not function, or even if they functioned, they'd be useless.

What was the solution to Simone's problem?
She spent a lot of time playing and trying to de-stress.
She tried to build things that would fail.
She persevered and continued to study hardware.

As an inventor, what is Simone Giertz interested in?
a) things that people struggle with
b) identifying problems and building useless machines
c) both a and b

What is Simone self-conscious about?
When she's nervous, her hands start shaking.
wardrobe malfunctions
giving presentations at school

What problem or situation is Simone describing?
She can't drink water during talks because her hands shake too much.
Her inventions are fun, but not really a business.
She is often extremely thirsty during her presentations.

What is Simone thinking of calling her invention?
Versatile Machine
Head Orbit Device
Little Hand

What does Simone think is often lost in engineering?
joy and humility

What did Simone invent by accident (not planned)?
a useful machine
her job
slapstick engineering

Creating useless machines has allowed Simone to ____________.
create a YouTube channel
pursue a degree in engineering
be enthusiastic about solving problems