1. What is humans' strongest instinct?
to run away from danger
to show sympathy to others

2. What is the network in our brains that helps us empathize?
oxytocin network
sympathy network

3. What have scientists found out about this brain network?
it tells us that we need to be careful
it tells us that kindness is part of our nature

4. What do the scientists say makes humans feel happy?
feeling compassion
feeling worthwhile

5. What can make us feel more content in life?
making more money and buying more things
offering gestures of compassion to others

6. What value can be a powerful aid to better health?
studying hard and playing the piano
showing kindness and compassion

7. Can each of us learn to be kind?

8. What is a benefit to cultivating compassion?
better health
better grades

9. What groups of words are synonyms of "kindness"?
prosperity, citizenship, optimism
altruism, tolerance, courtesy