Why does Rachel think that soon she won't be able to fit into her dress?
Because it cost a lot of money.
Because she is pregnant.

What do the kids say when they come to the door?
Trick or treat!
Happy Halloween!

What does Rachel say?
Just a moment!
Just a minute!

Where does Rachel work?
She works at U.S. Polo Association.
She works at Ralph Lauren.

What color is the Velveteen Rabbit?
brown and white
pink and white

When Joey arrives, Monica says to him, "You didn't ___________ either?"
dress up
dressed up

Why did Rachel give the ballerina all of the candy?
Because the girl said that she loved her.
Because she's pregnant.

When Ross arrives to the party dressed in a brown costume wearing a bowl on his head, Monica asks him, "What _________________________?"
are you dressed up as
are you supposed to be

What word is slang for potato?
space doody

Rachel is out of candy and money. What does she ask the little girl?
Hey, can you go check?
Hey, can I write you a check?
Hey, can I make you a check?

Donna comes to the party __________ as a nurse.

What does Chandler tell Ross at the end of the video.
You're Spudnik!
Marry her.