1. Jevh says, "Hey guys, in this video I'm going to talk about how my friends and I were able to _________ a poster in McDonald's."
a) pick up
b) put up

2. Jevh thinks that there aren't a lot of _________ represented in media.
a) Latinos
b) Africans
c) Asians

3. What did they decide to be in the poster?
a) Musicians
b) Students
c) Parents

4. Where did they have the poster made?
a) Staples
b) Office Max
c) Office Depot website

5. How much did the McDonald's shirt cost?
a) $10
b) $17
c) $7

6. What is Jeff Bergara's title?
a) Regional District Manager
b) Regional Interior Coordinator
c) Interior District Coordinator

7. Cassandra says she is ____________.
a) nervous
b) embarrassed
c) excited

8. What did Cassandra need a second to do?
a) Move up
b) Catch up
c) Throw up

9. Why did they decide to make the poster?
a) They didn't like the posters in the restaurant.
b) There weren't any posters featuring Asian people.
c) The store asked them to make a poster.

10. Did the poster stay on the wall for a while?
a) McDonald's staff easily realized it was a prank.
b) Cassandra felt embarrassed and didn't allow them to have the poster hanging on the wall.
c) It stayed for several days since the staff didn't notice it.

11. This is an example of a ___________. The boys ___________ McDonald's.
a) joke / joked
b) prank / pranked
c) trick / tricked