(see notes for quizlet vocab)

1. He says he felt like he was "stuck in a rut," so he decided to ____________________.
go to McDonalds
try something new for thirty days

2. He says it's a pretty simple idea. Just think about something you've always wanted _____________ and try it for thirty days.
to add to your life
to watch someone do

3. He learned a couple things, one, time became more memorable, and two, ________________.
he took a picture everyday for a month
his self-confidence grew

4. He figured out that if he really wanted something badly enough _______________.
he could do it for thirty days
he could write a book

5. He wrote a book in a month. He says ___________________.
the book is awful
it was an awful experience

6. He learned that when he tried something for thirty days, he could keep doing it if _________________.
it was something small
it was a big, crazy challenge

7. He says we should think about something we've always wanted to try, and ______________.
guarantee that the next thirty days will pass, whether we like it or not
give it a shot