Why did sheldon go up and speak in front of the church in the start of this video?
He was bored.
He thought the pastor's math was wrong.
He wanted to do more math.

Why did Sheldon say he preferred science over religion?
He likes Darwin.
Science is based on facts .
He disay.

Why did Sheldon Think the pastor was wrong about the sun being created on the 4th day.
The sun would have taken more than 3 days to create.
people would have burned because they didn't have sunscreen.
If the sun was created on the 4th day how was there light the first 3 days.

Why did Sheldon's Dad fake having a heart attack.
He wanted to go home and watch football.
He was embarrassed of Sheldon's questions.
He had to go to the bathroom and couldnt wait.

When did sheldon say evil started.
At publicly
At puberty
At puppetry

what is the name of the religion Sheldon Created?