Who is the first person to appear in the video?
an angry girl
a young boy
an old woman

What does she buy?
She buys a bottle of water.
She buys a packet of crisps.
She buys a packet of cookies.

Where is the scene set?
In a bus station.
In a shopping centre.
In a train station.

Who is she furious at?
At a calm and easy-going young man.
At an annoying and unhelpful teenager.
At an ambitious and upset teenager.

Why does she get angry?
Because someone steals her cookies.
Because someone steals her money.
Because someone yells at her.

How does the boy feel?
He feels disapointed.
He feels careless.
He feels surprised.

Where are her cookies?
In the rubbish.
In her bag.
The boy ate them.

How does she feel at the end of the story?
She feels sorry.
She feels amused.
She feels healthy.