1. Where is Pip going?
a.) She is going to Canine University.
b.) She is going to the zoo.

2. What does Pip want?
a.) She wants to be with her friends.
b.) She wants to be a guide dog.

3. What problem does Pip have?
a.) She is short.
b.) She falls down.

4. Is she good at school?
a.) Yes, she’s the best student.
b.) No, she makes a lot of mistakes.

5. Does Pip give up? Does she quit?
a.) She is smart. She doesn't give up.
b.) She is short. She can't give up.

6. Does Pip improve?
a.) Yes. The teacher doesn't fall down.
b.) No, not really.

7. Does Pip pass the final exam?
a.) No, she is too short.
b.) No, she doesn’t pass the final exam.

8. What happens after the exam?
a.) Pip is in danger.
b.) Pip sees a blind woman. The woman needs help.

9. What does Pip do?
a.) Pip runs to the woman and barks at her.
b.) Pip runs to the woman and helps her.

10. What happens at the end of the story?
a.) The woman says thank you.
b.) Pip becomes a guide dog.