1. By the time Ross _________ (arrive) at the coffee shop, Rachel _________ (talk) to Joe.
arriving/ was talking
arrived/ had talked
arrives/ talks

2. If Ross __________(speak) in the convention in Barbados, his friends __________ (come).
speaks/ will come
spoke/ will come
will speak/ will come

3. While Ross __________ (speak), the professor ________ (fall) asleep.
were speaking/ fell
spoke/ was falling
was speaking/ fell

4. When Ross ________ (call), the girls ___________ (leave) for the mall.
called/ had already left
call/ will leave
calls/ leave

5. If the professor ________ (realize) that Ross put him to sleep, Ross ___________(get) the job.
has realized/ would get
realizes/ won't get
had realized/ wouldn't have gotten

6. If he _____________ (fall) asleep, Ross wouldn’t have called Joe.
hadn't fallen
had fallen
has fallen