1. When the ____________ has come
a.) night
b.) might

2. And the land is ______________
a.) stark
b.) dark

3.) And the moon is the only _____________ we see
b.) sight
c.) light

4.) No, I _______________ afraid. No, I won't be afraid
a.) don't be
b.) won't be

5.) Just as long as you stand, _____________________
a.) stand by me
b.) stand next to me

6.) Oh, ______________, darling stand by me. Oh, stand by me. Oh, stand, stand by me
a.) daring
b.) darling

7. ________________________ we look upon
a.) If the sky
b.) If the night

8. Should tumble and ________
a.) fall down
b.) fall

9. Or the mountains should crumble ________________
a.) to see
b.) to the sea

10. I _________________, I won't cry
a.) won't try
b.) won't cry

11. No, I won't shed a ___________
a.) tear
b.) fear

12. Just ___________________ you stand, stand by me
a.) as wrong as
b.) as long as