Watch the video and choose the correct answer.

1. What does the man receive in the mail?
a.) No, it’s raining.
b.) English for Beginners books and CDs

2. What does he make in the kitchen?
a.) a sandwich
b.) some coffee or tea

3. Who does he study with?
a.) at his desk
b.) his dog

4.) What does he say on the bus?
a.) I love you.
b.) Can you show me the way to the beach?

5.) What does he receive in the mail?
a.) a suitcase
b.) slippers, toothbrush, passport, and pyjamas

6.) Does he take a train?
a.) No, he takes a plane.
b.) Yes, he takes a train.

7.) Does he take a taxi?
a.) No, he takes an Uber.
b.) Yes, he takes a taxi.

8.) Who does he visit?
a.) He visits his son’s family.
b.) He visits his daughter’s family.

9. Who is the old man?
a.) He’s the little girl’s grandpa.
b.) He’s the girl’s uncle.

10. Who is the little girl?
a.) She's his niece.
b.) She's his granddaughter.