Complete the sentences below using the simple past or past continuous verb tense.

1. Jack ________________ video games when his mom ______________ home from work.
a.) played / was coming
b.) was playing / came

2. She _____________ Jack a box.
a.) was giving
b.) gave

3. Jack ______________ the box. There was a puppy inside!
a.) opened
b.) was opening

4. The puppy wanted to play. The puppy _____________ at Jack.
a.) barking
b.) barked

5. But Jack ________________ to play with the puppy. He wanted to play video games.
a.) didn't wanted
a.) didn't want

6. The puppy ______ a ball.
a.) found
b.) was finding

7. The puppy __________ with the ball.
a.) played
b.) play

8. The puppy was funny. Jack _________.
a.) smile
b.) smiled

9. Jack and the puppy ______ outside to play. “Mom! We’ll be outside,” Jack said.
a.) were going
b.) went