Watch the video, read the transcript, and choose the correct answer.

1. What is Taylor looking forward to?
a.) Seeing her grandparents.
b.) Grammys

2. How many guitars does Taylor own?
a.) 2007
b.) She doesn't remember.

3. What's the first thing she does when she get's an idea for a song?
a.) She records herself singing the lyrics.
b.) She sings it to her friends to see if they like it.

4. What song took the least amount of time to write?
a.) All Too Well
b.) Blank Space

5. Where does she keep her awards?
a.) in the room with the piano
b.) all around the house

6. What subject would she like to teach in school?
a.) music
b.) English

7. How does she describe herself? "I'm a very _________________ person."
a.) emotional
b.) spontaneous

8. What is her favorite beverage?
a.) chocolate shake
b.) coffee

9. What would she order at a drive through?
a.) chicken tenders
b.) a cheeseburger

10. What does she always have in the refrigerator?
a.) chocolate cake
b.) hummus

11. What does she still have from her childhood?
a.) her friends
b.) her insecurities

12. What's her favorite TV show?
a.) The Martian
b.) Friends

13. If she had a superpower, what would it be?
a.) She has double jointed elbows.
b.) healing people

14. If she weren't a singer, what would she be doing?
a.) working for Instagram
b.) working in advertising, creating slogans and concepts for ads

15. What's the best compliment she has ever received?
a.) That she's generous.
b.) That she's funny.

16. What does creativity mean to Taylor?
a.) Having a great idea and then having the hard work ethic to sit down and write it down.
b.) Being adventurous and never afraid to try new things.

17. What does she sometimes do when she sees a fan?
a.) She sometimes stops and buys them coffee.
b.) She sometimes stops her car, and says, "Hey. Nice shirt."

18. A dolphin is her spirit animal because dolphins ___________________.
a.) give good vibes
b.) are social

19. If she were a cat, would she get along with her cats?
a.) Yes, because she's social.
b.) Probably not. They would probably not think that she's cool.

20. What did she want to be when she was five?
a.) a robot with a sword
b.) a stock broker

21. What is an important lesson for someone to learn?
a.) that aging is not something to freak out about.
b.) that karma is real