Choose the best alternative.

1. The interview is in ____________.
a.) Bangladesh
b.) Washington DC
c.) China

2. The interviewer's name is ____________.
a.) Mehrnoush
b.) Sabrina
c.) Anna Mateo

3. Where is Sabrina from?
a.) Bangladesh
b.) Washington DC
c.) Bangkok

4. Washington DC is ___________.
a.) old and big
b.) modern
c.) very beautiful

5. Sabrina's favorite place is ___________.
a.) Washington Memorial
b.) Lincoln Memorial
c.) Capitol Hill

6. What country is Louis from?
a.) He's from China.
b.) He likes art museums.
c.) He is from Washington DC.

7. What languages does Louis speak?
a.) Only English
b.) Only Chinese
c.) Chinese and English

8. Many of the museums in Washington DC are __________.
a.) expensive
b.) free
c.) awful

9. Mehrnoush is ___________.
a.) Iran
b.) Persian
c.) Iranian

10. People in Iran speak __________.
a.) Iranian
b.) Persian
c.) Farsi