Watch the video and select the best answer for each question.

What is causing the temperature to rise?
carbon dioxide
carbon dioxide & methane

How much has the temperature risen since 1880?
1 degree Celsius (°C)
1 degree Fahrenheit (°F)
a lot

Why is it a big deal? It's only one degree?
It isn't a big deal.
Warmer Canada - woo hoo
It will have consequences for a long time to come

What does the rise in global temperature do?
causes a chain reaction of events
melts polar ice caps
makes sea levels rise

What will happen to the Marshall Islands between Australia and Hawaii?
they will become active volcanos
they will be completely under water in 50 years
they will be great to visit for vacation

What is extreme weather?
hurricanes, typhoons, and twisters

Name other consequences of climate change.
forest fires
unusually cold winters
forest fires and unusually cold winters

What is a big problem in British Columbia?
forest fires

What problems did they experience in Alberta?
cold winters
forest fires

What other changes do we see as a result of climate change?
eco systems
animal migrations and crop growing cycles
eco systems, animal migrations, and crop growing cycles