Choose the correct answer, a or b.

1. At the beginning of the video, the weather is __________.
a.) rainy
b.) sunny

2. Robert buys ___________.
a.) "English for Beginners" books and CDs
b.) a computer

3. He studies English __________.
a.) in the morning
b.) every day

4. He studies with ___________.
a.) his friends
b.) his dog

5. Robert watches American __________.
a.) movies
b.) books

6. He writes vocabulary words _____________.
a.) in his notebook
b.) on sticky note cards

7. He listens to ____________.
a.) English lessons
b.) American music

8. On the bus, Robert says, "_____________"
a.) Can you show me the way to the beach?
b.) I love you.

9. He flies to England to visit his ____________.
a.) family
b.) friends

10. He talks to his ________________.
a.) grandson
b.) granddaughter

11. Robert is the little girl's ___________.
a.) grandma
b.) grandpa