1. What is Anaya's current occupation?
A. Working
B. Studying
C. Both working and studying

2. What is Anaya's current field of study?
A. Media and Communication Studies
B. Engineering
C. Medicine

3. Why did Anaya choose her field of study?
A. It offers a variety of diverse options to choose from
B. It offers a chance to use creative skills
C. It pays well

4. Is summer Anaya's favorite time of year?
A. Yes
B. No

5. Why doesn't Anaya like summer?
A. It's too hot.
B. It's too rainy.
C. Both A. and B.

6. What does Anaya do during the hot summer weather?
A. Stay home
B. Go out with friends
C. Travel

7. Did Anaya enjoy summer holidays when she was a kid?
A. Yes
B. No
C. Sometimes

8. What is the new technological device that the speaker recently started using?
A) Android
B) iPhone
C) Smartwatch

9. Why is it difficult for Anaya to obtain technological devices?
A) They are not available Anaya's country.
B) They are too expensive.
C) They are not popular.

10. When did Anaya get her phone?
A) When she was 17
B) When she was 21
C) before university

11. How did Anaya feel about the features of her new iPhone compared to Android?
A) Confused
B) Excited
C) Indifferent

12. What was Anaya's main use for her iPhone when she first got it?
A) Watching Netflix
B) Communicating with friends
C) Ordering food online

13. What is one benefit of using an iPhone that Anaya mentions?
A) Integration with other Apple devices
B) A built-in lidar scanner
C) Affordable price

14. How does Anaya feel about the customer support provided by Apple?
A) Disappointed
B) Frustrated
C) Happy

15. What is Anaya's overall opinion about the iPhone?
A) It is too difficult to use.
B) It is expensive.
C) It is a great choice for anyone looking for a new device.

16. What is the last benefit Anaya mentions about the iPhone?
A) Long battery life
B) Great customer support
C) the iPhone is durable

17. According to the text, what do young boys in Anaya's country typically want to buy?
A. Fashion and beauty-related items
B. New technological gadgets and video games
C. Equipment for styling hair

18. How do the expensive items that younger people want to buy differ from those that older people want to buy?
A. Younger people are more likely to buy items for friends, while older people focus on the long-term profitability of their purchases.
B. Younger people are more likely to buy items for themselves, while older people focus on buying gifts for others.
C. Younger people are more likely to buy items based on brand name, while older people focus on the quality of the item.

19. According to Anaya, what factors contribute to becoming very rich in today's world?
A. Being well-educated, working hard, being determined and consistent, and surrounding oneself with successful and intelligent people.
B. Being born into wealth and having connections in the business world.
C. Being lucky and having a high-paying job.

20. What is Anaya's opinion on the relationship between money and happiness?
A. Money is the source of happiness
B. Money and happiness are directly related
C. Money provides peace of mind

21. What are some ways that rich people can help society according to Anaya?
A. Investing in sustainable projects
B. Donating to charitable organizations
C. Both A. and B.

22. In Anaya's opinion, what is a problem with the financial situation her country?
A. There isn't a problem.
B. Poor people are not working hard enough.
C. The wealthy are getting richer while the poor are getting poorer.