1. Where does Miko live?
a.) She lives in Encinitas, California.
b.) She lives in Escondido, California.

2. Who does she live with?
a.) She lives with her father, mother, and brother.
b.) She lives with her mother, father, and sister.

3. What is Miko's favorite season?
a.) Her favorite season is summer.
b.) Her favorite season is spring.

4. What does she like about her favorite season?
a.) She likes the cool weather and blue skies.
b.) She likes the warm weather and clear skies.

5. What are her favorite sports?
a.) She likes to play volleyball and tennis.
b.) Her favorite sports are volleyball and soccer.

6. What are Miko's favorite foods?
a.) Her favorite foods are sushi and cheeseburgers.
b.) She likes hamburgers and Japanese food.

7. What does she usually have for breakfast?
a.) She has a bowl of yogurt with granola on top, or bacon and eggs.
b.) She has granola with bananas and yogurt, or an omelette.

8. What are her favorite drinks?
a.) Miko likes sweet coffee and green tea.
b.) Miko likes coffee and sweet tea.

9. Where does Miko want to go for vacation?
a.) She wants to go to Hawaii.
b.) She wants to go to Cancun for vacation.