1. What is a prompt?
a.) a type of AI
b.) instructions

2. We tell ChatGPT to act as an ESL teacher, be friendly, and to ______.
a.) ask simple questions about daily routine and interests
b.) put your name here

3. To use ChatGPT, you must _________.
a.) sign up or login
b.) create an account on Canvas

4. Can ChatGPT speak other languages?
a.) Yes
b.) No, only English

5. What can you ask if you don't understand a word?
a.) Could you repeat that please?
b.) How do you say __(that word)__ in Spanish? (or Japanese, or other language)

6. How long will the conversation with ChatGPT last?
a.) It will never end. You can talk forever if you want to.
b.) About 5 - 10 minutes.

7. If you want to chat again, ____________.
a.) logout, then login again
b.) Click the New Chat button