1. Jamie _____ a medical student.
a.) is
b.) does

2. These are some of the things she _______ each day.
a.) is
b.) does

3. She ___________ up early.
a.) wake
b.) wakes

4. She __________ her teeth.
a.) brushes
b.) brush

5. She ________ coffee.
a.) make
b.) makes

6. She _________ to the gym.
a.) go
b.) goes

7. She _________. She jogs. She runs. She works out.
a.) exercise
b.) exercises

8. She ________ a protein drink. She makes a smoothie.
a.) makes
b.) make

9. She ______ breakfast.
a.) has
b.) have

10. She ______ to school.
a.) drive
b.) drives

11. She ________ before class.
a.) study
b.) studies

12. She ______ her water bottle with water. She drinks water. She hydrates.
a.) fill
b.) fills

13. She ______ a class in the afternoon.
a.) has
b.) have

14. She ______ at school all day.
a.) stay
b.) stays

15. After school, she _______ home.
a.) go
b.) goes

16. At home, she _________ homework.
a.) do
b.) does

17. She has dinner and _________ TV.
a.) watch
b.) watches

18. After dinner, she ______ more homework.
a.) does
b.) do

19. She _______ with her family and friends.
a.) chat
b.) chats

20. Finally, she _______ to sleep.
a.) go
b.) goes