1. Where is she from?
a.) San Diego, California.
b.) Santo Domingo, California

2. Where does she live now?
a.) Encinitas, California
b.) Escondido, California

3. What does she do for a living?
a.) She buys and sells horses.
b.) She's a real estate agent and also takes care of horses.

4. How long has she been riding horses?
a.) 8 years
b.) Since she was 5 years old.

5. Who taught her how to ride?
a.) Cindy
b.) her husband

6. Why does she ride horses?
a.) It's a hobby and a passion.
b.) Because the horses need to exercise.
c.) both A and B

7. How often does she ride?
a.) 3-4 hours per day
b.) 3-4 times per week

8. How does horseback riding make Kaitlin feel?
a.) She feels at one with the horse.
b.) She feels free and peaceful.

9. What does she like about horses?
a.) They are intelligent and beautiful.
b.) They are like dogs.

10. Does she have a favorite kind of horse?
a.) She likes warmbloods because they are typically crazy.
b.) She likes warmbloods because they are smart and athletic.

11. What is her favorite color of horse?
a.) She likes brown and black horses because those colors hide dirt.
b.) She likes brown and black because you can see when they are dirty.

12. What kinds of horses does she take care of?
a.) She takes care of warmbloods, thoroughbreds, and quarter horses.
b.) She takes care of all kinds of horses.

13. Why does she like taking care of horses?
a.) It's her passion.
b.) It's her job.
c.) both A and B

14. How many horses does she have?
a.) 13 total.
b.) 11 total.

15. What is the name of the brown horse?
a.) Edwin
b.) Bentley

16. How long has she had him?
a.) 4 years
b.) 44 years

17. Is her horse nice?
a.) Yes, he's nice to everyone.
b.) He's nice to her.

18. How many hours does she work?
b.) 34 hours a week
b.) 3-4 hours a day

19. How much does it cost to take care of a horse?
b.) 3 to 5 thousand dollars a month
b.) $500-$3000 a month depending on training and food

20. Who helps her take care of the horses?
a.) Her husband, Nicolas
b.) Her husband and a worker, Nicolas

21. What do horses like to eat?
a.) They like carrots, cookies, strawberries -- lots of fruit.
b.) They eat leftover food.