Watch the Video and Answer the Questions!

1. What is in the front yard?
a.) a flower garden
b.) a vegetable garden
c.) a fountain

2. What can you do in the dining room?
a.) sleep
b.) watch TV
c.) eat

3. What appliances are in the kitchen?
a.) sink, refrigerator, and stove
b.) microwave, oven, and dishwasher
c.) blender, toaster, and coffee maker

4. What furniture is in the bedroom?
a.) a bed, closet, and desk
b.) a sofa, armchair, and table
c.) bookshelf, lamp, and rug

5. What can you do in the bathroom?
a.) cook
b.) sleep
c.) take a shower

6. What is in the living room?
a.) sofa, fireplace, and TV
b.) bed, dresser, and mirror
c.) table, chairs, and lamp

7. What is the name of Angela's dog?
a.) Sasha
b.) Max
c.) Bella