According to the Gospels, Jesus and his Apostles entered Jerusalem
to observe the passing of birds
to observe Passover
to observe pastures

With the Passover, the Jewish celebrate
the Hebrews release from slavery
the Hebrews going to Egypt
the holy season

Jesus was crucified
on Good Friday
on a Thursday
on what is now called holy Friday

Pesach is a Jewish word for

When was it decided that Easter should fall on a Sunday?
in 355 AD
in 325 AD
in 385 AD

It was decided that Easter Sunday would be
The first Sunday with full moon
The first Sunday to follow the full moon after the spring equinox
the first Sunday of the spring

Where does the word "Easter" come from?
It comes from the name of a pagan goddess of fertility
It relates to the east
It's related to eastern religions

Why are eggs related to Easter?
Because they are beautiful when coloured
Because they are a symbol of birth
Because they are a symbol of fertility

When did the rabbit become related to Easter?
Around the 16th century
Around the 6th century
Last century

Egg-shaped chocolate began to be made...
in the 20th century
not long ago
in the 19th century