Watch the video and answer the questions.

1. How long did the stray dog follow Maggie and Maeve?
a.) 2 days
b.) 4 days
c.) 6 days

2. Where were Maggie and Maeve?
a.) They were in California.
b.) They were abroad, in Europe.
c.) They were in Montana.

3. What did the couple initially assume the stray dog would do?
a.) Go her own way
b.) Follow them for miles
c.) Go to the vet

4. What country were Maggie and Maeve in when the stray dog followed them?
a.) Italy
b.) Montenegro
c.) Illinois

5. Did the dog have any fleas and ticks?
a.) No, the dog recently had a bath.
b.) Yes, the dog had hundreds of fleas and ticks.
c.) Yes, the dog had a few fleas and ticks, so they gave her a bath.

6. How many miles did the dog follow Maggie and Maeve?
a.) Not far. A few miles.
b.) Several miles.
c.) A very long way -- miles and miles.

7. What did the couple name the stray dog?
a.) Maggie
b.) Monty
c.) Maeve

8. What did the vet recommend for the stray dog?
a.) spay surgery
b.) flea and tick surgery
c.) adoption

9. Did they leave Monty behind?
a.) Yes, they found someone to adopt her.
b.) No. The thought of leaving Monty behind was too sad.

10. What did Maggie and Maeve get for Monty to travel back to the US?
a.) Doggie Visa
b.) Passport
c.) dog license

11. Where does Monty live now?
a.) California
b.) Texas
c.) Illinois

12. What kind of adventures does Monty join Maggie and Maeve on?
a.) cozy adventures
b.) outdoor adventures
c.) virtual adventures