Watch the video and answer the questions.

1. What kind of dog did the elderly couple encounter while hiking in Boston?
a.) Labrador Retriever
b.) Great Dane
c.) Poodle

2. What is the name of the Great Dane mentioned in the story?
a.) Max
b.) Kernel
c.) Buddy

3. What does Alyssa do for a living?
a.) Professional photographer
b.) Dog walker
c.) Chef

4. How did Alyssa introduce the elderly couple to Kernel?
a.) Through a social media post
b.) During a dog show
c.) While on a walk

5. How did the elderly couple feel about Kernel the Great Dane?
a.) At first, they were afraid of him.
b.) They were annoyed by him.
c.) They felt like his adopted grandparents.

6. Why did Kernel's grandma come to the trail alone one day?
a.) To take pictures
b.) To seek comfort and companionship
c.) To exercise

7. What did Alyssa suggest to Kernel's grandma when she found her alone on the trail?
a.) To adopt a dog
b.) To exchange information
c.) To go back home

8. How often does Kernel's grandma join for a hike now?
a.) Every day
b.) Every week
c.) Every month

9. What does Kernel's grandma love taking pictures of during the hikes?
a.) Flowers
b.) Birds
c.) Kernel and Huckleberry the Hedgehog

10. What did Kernel's grandma do on Mother's Day?
a.) She went on a hike with Kernel and Alyssa.
b.) She invited Kernel and Alyssa over for dinner.
c.) She took pictures of Kernel and Huckleberry.