I only want to say that if there is _________
a way

I want ______ back with me
my lady
my body
my baby

because he's ________, my only one, don't you see?
my true love
my blue love
my fool love

On that fateful day, perhaps _________ of May
in the new sign
in the new song
in the new sun

my baby walks back ____________
into my arms
into my alms
into my charms

I'll keep him _________ forever from harm.
beside me
before me
beyond me

You see I was ________ to let my baby stray

I kept him __________ by my side
too tautly
too tightly
too mightily

and then one sad day he went away and _______.

CHORUS: Blue moon, you saw me _____________
standing along
standing alone
standing aligned

without _________ in my heart
a dream
a dram
a stream

without _________ of my own.
a dove
a glove
a love

Blue moon, _________ just what I was there for.
you know
you knew
you've known

You heard me saying __________ for
a player
a blare
a prayer

someone I really could _______.
share for
care for
scare for

I only want to say, that if there is a way. I want my baby back with me. Because he's my true love, my only one, don't you see?