Why did Ryan commit suicide ?
He was an unhappy child.
He was bullied and cyber bullied.
He was cyber bullied.

Does Ryan's father still visit schools to speak about his son's story?
Yes, he does.
No , he does not.
We do not know .

Which is the worst pain in the world according to Ryan's father ?
To lose a child .
To lose your control.
To lose your confidence .

What had his friend do on line?
She cyber bullied him through outing.
She had asked him about his password.
She had pretended to be him.

What did Ryan feel when he was laughed at ?
Pain and humiliation

The group of bystanders stood there and ...

When you feel the way Ryan felt , step ...
on your fears.
forward and ask for help.
away from trouble.

Look at the audience at the end of the presentation .Were they moved by it ?
Yes, they were a bit.
Yes, they were a lot .
No, they were not .