1. Who is the speaker here?
Severn Bazooki
Severn Suzuki
Tavern Oozuki

2. What is the name of their organization?
Environmental Child Organization
Environment Children's Organization
Environmental Children's Organization

3. What does the speaker talk about or on whose behalf does she speak?
Plants & animals
Human beings next generation & ignored children
Helpless animals, starving children and all humanity to come

4. What is the speaker fighting for?
For everyone's present
For everyone's past
For everyone's future

5. What did the speaker find about a fish when she went fishing with her father?
The fish was affected by many diseases.
All the fish were dying due to polluted river water.
A fish was affected with cancers.

6. What is speaker's worry about the animals and birds?
Many species of animals and birds are on the verge of extinction
Many birds and animals are ignored by human beings.
There will be no animals and birds for the speaker to show her children.

7. What does one child wish to do if he were rich?
He will give all the street children love, affection, food & clothes.
He will give all the street children medicine & shelter.
Both the options 1 & 2 are correct

8. In what ways, according to the speaker, are we irresponsible?
We buy and throw away the food.
We do not share it with the needy
Both 1 and 2 are correct

9. When will this earth be a wonderful place according to the speaker?
If we stop spending money on wars.
If we stop throwing away food.
If we think of the children seriously.

10. What is the speaker's challenge to the audience?
Make your words.
Make your actions reflect your words.
Make your words real.