The term "17th century" refers to the years in the

To celebrate Christmas, the colonists
followed customs from England
made up their own customs
asked the Indians for help

Around Christmastime, many colonists
went back to England to visit
planted new crops

The colonists decorated with "greenery." Greenery refers to
branches of evergreen trees
green ribbons
green feathers

From the video, you can infer that a furlough (fur-lo) is a
type of musket gun
short vacation from the army
winter camp

In the late 1700's the colonists were
living in peace with everyone
giving up and leaving
fighting England

The first Christmas any of the colonists wrote about was spent
with the Indians
at sea
in church

During the Christmas season, the colonists went to
church only; it was not a time for playing
parties only and did not worry about church
church and to parties

In winter, the soldiers
fought many battles
didn't have enough clothes or food
got extra supplies to keep them warm

This video describes Christmas customs in the colony of