A good consideration about whether or not to tip is to ...
think about the service
put yourself in the other person's shoes
don't bother tipping less than a dollar

What is the standard tipping rule for service at restaurants, hair salons, and spas?
5 - 10 % of total
15 - 20 % of total
30 - 40% of total

How much should you tip at a coffee shop?
No less than 10 cents
No less than 25 cents
No less than one dollar

How much should you tip for small services, such as drinks at a bar and hotel and airport baghandling?
No tipping necessary
$1 per item
$5 per person

How much tip should you give during the holidays to people who provide you with weekly or monthly services?
no tip or gift necessary
just a card
one-week's worth of tips

Who is someone you should not forget to tip (or give a gift to) during the holidays?
mail carrier
newspaper delivery person