Who does Pink Panther live with?
with a mouse
with a female panther

What would Pink Panther like for breakfast?
bacon and eggs
coffee and toast
a fish cake

Why doesn't he have breakfast?
because there aren't any eggs
because the mouse steals his breakfast
because there is no gas to cook

Why can't Pink Panther get out of the house?
because he's ill
because there is a lot of snow that blocks the door
because he has to watch the mouse

Where does Pink Panther find the fish?
In the fridge
In the mouse hole
In a magazine

Who eats the fish?
The mouse
Pink Panther

How does Pink Panther cook the fish?
He adds some flour and salt and then fries it
He does not cook it
He puts it in the oven

Why does Pink Panther hide from the mouse?
Because he doesn't want to share the food
Because he hates the mouse's singing
Because the mouse wants to cook him

When the episode finishes it is...
... springtime
... still winter
... summer