Elizabeth used to _________ a lot, but she doesn't anymore.
go out
go downtown

Andrew doesn't cook a lot, but he used to _______
make a nice lasagna
made a nice lasagna
making a nice lasagna

Billie used to ______, but he doesn't anymore.
eating out
eat out
ate out

Courtney used to be quiet, but _________ anymore
she doesn't
she wasn't
she isn't

Jennifer _____________ , but she isn't anymore.
be used to really quiet
used to be really quiet
is used to really quiet

Ingrid _______________ , but she doesn't anymore.
used to be play the flute
used to playing the flute
used to play the flute

Karina __________________, but she doesn't anymore.
is used to playing piano
is used to play piano
used to play piano

Richard used to play the guitar, but _______ anymore.
he isn't
he doesn't
he didn't

Mike used to be a programmer, but ______ anymore.

Neil __________________, but he doesn't anymore.
used to play a lot of baseball
used to be play a lot of baseball
is used to play a lot of baseball

Sue _________________, but she doesn't anymore.
be used to have short hair
used to having short hair
used to have short hair

Robin __________________, but now she does.
not used to cook
usedn't cook
used not to cook

Rebecca ________________ , but she doesn't anymore.
used to smoked pot
used to be smoke pot
used to smoke pot

Mia used to fight with little boys, but she ______ anymore.

Patricia used to teach English as a foreign language, but _________ anymore.
she isn't
she doesn't
she don't