Never say _____.

You see I never thought that ______ through fire
I could walk
I could talk
I could balk

I never thought that _________ a burn
I could make
I could fake
I could take

I never had the strength to take it _____
the highest

_______ I reached the point of no return

And there's just _________
no turning right
no turning back
no turning left

When _______ under attack
your health's
your heart's
your heat's

Gonna give ______ I have. It's my destiny.

CHORUS: I will __________. I will fight. I will fight 'til forever.
never say ever
never say clever
never say never

_________ you knock me down
When ever

I will not stay ________
on the mound
on the round
on the ground

_________. Pick it up. Pick it up. Pick it up, up, up. And never say never.
Pick up
Pick it up
Pick up it

_________I never thought that I could feel
this tower
this flower
this power

I never thought that I could feel ______
this tree
this glee
this free

I'm strong enough to climb ___________
the high tower
the hgher tower
the highest tower

And I'm ______ to run across the sea.
fit enough
fast enough
vast enough

Now he's bigger than me, __________
taller than me
taller them me
taller then me

And he's __________, and stronger than me.
colder than me
bolder than me
older than me

And his arms are ________than me
a little bit longer
a little bit stronger
a little bit wronger

But he ain't on a JB _________
song with me
wrong with me
long with me