The story takes place in:
Midlle Lands
Midland Earth Centres
Middle Earth

The ring would give Sauron the power to:
save the world
enslave the world
assault the world

The ring had been:
lost in a chimney
lost for centuries
sold by many

It has now found its way into the hand of most:
likeable person ilmaginable
unlikely person imaginable
likely person imaginable

With the ring Sauron will be able to:
discover all the lands on earth
uncover all of our plans
cover all the land in darkness

What must Frodo do?
All of his forces must be deployed
The ring-master must be employed
He must destroy the ring

The ring is to be cast back into:
the heart of Mount Doom
The fire of Mount Doom
The ire of Mount Tomb

If Sauron's forces find Frodo, they will:
carry him
kill him
capture him

Arargorn, Legolas and Gimli offer Frodo their:
word, bow, axe
chord, arrow, axe
sword, bow, axe

This task was appointed to you, and if you do not find the way:
none will kill
no one will
you'll be killed

The enemy has many:
eyes, bonds, priests
spies, birds, beasts
styles, beers, beats

The ring is trying to:
get back to his master
got back his master
call back its master

It wants to:
find him
be around
be found

I wish the ring:
had gone to him
had never come to me
had ever come to me

I wish:
no one'd disappear
no one had departed
none of this had happened

You will find your:

If you want him,
come and get him
come and pay for him
come and claim him

may not pass
shall not pass
will not pass