America's birthday is
July 4, 1876
July 4, 1676
July 4, 1776

Independence Day is the day American colonists
said they were free from England.
celebrated the king's birthday
started the first Congress

At the first Independence Day celebration, Americans
decorated a statue of the king
melted the king's statue to make bullets
hung a copy of the Declaration of Independence on the king's statue

On Independence Day, revolutionary soldiers
used real bombs to celebrate
made speeches to celebrate
shot pictures of the king to celebrate

On America's 50th birthday, the author of the Declaration of Independence
was given a medal of honor
made his last speech at a celebration

Americans argue about the government on Independence Day because
they don't like the government
it's the only day they're allowed to talk about the government
they want to show they have the right to criticize the government

The Declaration of Independence was first read in
Washington, D.C.

The Declaration of Independence stated that all people should be free to have
life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness
food, clothing, and shelter (a place to live)
education, jobs, and weapons

Americans got their ideas for celebrating Independence Day from
the Declaration of Independence
the Native Americans

Throwing out a government and/or completely changing it is