What time does Mr. Bean get up?
At ten to ten
At ten to eight
At ten to nine

Where does he put his alarm clock?
In a cup of tea
In a glass of water
In a glass of milk

What does he do after opening the curtains?
He prepares some coffee
He does exercise
He talks on the telephone

What does he do next?
He shaves
He washes his face
He brushes his teeth

Which part of his body does he hurt?
His mouth
His neck
His nose

Who does he need to see at 9 o'clock?
The dentist
The optician
The doctor

Where does he get dressed?
In the bathroom
In the kitchen
In the car

What does he put on first?
His trousers
His shirt
His shoes

Which body part does he use to drive while he puts on his trousers and socks?
His hand
His arm
His feet

Where does he brush his teeth?
At the dentist's
At home
In the car