To what is handbell music similar?
Football score
Piano score
Quiz score

At the start of the process, with what is the bottom half of the flask filled?
rough diamonds
molten metal
special coarse sand

What does the worker do before he turns the metal flask over and places guide rods onto the bell shapes?
He compacts the sand
He leaves it to settle
He pours in molten metal

What does the worker put onto the flask before compacting the sand?
ramming board
joining board
compacting herd

What does the worker put into the crucible to melt down?
gold nuggets
silver salvers
bronze ingots

At around what temperature is the molten metal poured into the cavity of the mould?
200 degrees fahrenheit
2200 degrees fahrenheit
2020 degrees fahrenheit

When does the worker stop pouring into the cavity?
When he sees the heat-sensitive material smoking
When he runs out of molten metal
When the molten metal overflows

What do workers use to free the finished castings from the sand mould?
vibrating bed and small hammers
static armchair and large pincers
empty cupboard and chisel

Why does a worker drill a central hole in the casting?
to sand the sharp edges of the casting
to rotor blast clean the dirty castings
for the assembly screw

How does the carbide cutting tool make the casting the correct shape?
It is working with a stylus that follows a template of the bell
It is following instructions from the worker
It comes out of the mould already in the correct shape

What must a tracing of the shape of the casting match?
a photograph
it does not need to match
a master template

What does the worker use to test the bell's sound quality?
a stroboscopic tuner, and the human ear
good luck and hope
a thermometer