1. And basically what these viruses are, they look like a tennis ball with all these spikes sticking out of it. And depending on the type of spike, it allows that virus to ____________ to certain places, like your nose or lungs.

2. This is a new virus that we've never seen before, so our immune system, our army, are having a hard time figuring out what to do. So usually what we have to do is we make something called antibodies. So these are things that can grab on to the spikes that we see on the virus and it'll get rid of the virus for you and that will actually bring you back to good health. So therefore the elderly may have a worse ____________ and of course the young children, the babies, their immune system is not so good either, so they may not make those antibodies as well.

3. So let's say you think that you might have been on a plane or you might have bumped into somebody that has it, what should you do? So the first thing is to contact a healthcare worker to tell them that _________________ you have it.

4. What are the ______________? So in the beginning, the coronavirus will cause kind of like flu-like symptoms or a cold. So people just get the stuffy nose, that kind of thing.

5. Most of the coronaviruses live in animals. In this particular case, it was from Wuhan. There was a fish market where they were selling live animals and the thought is that the ____________ was in a live animal, then it crossed into a human.

6. "I'm declaring a public health emergency of international concern over the ____________ outbreak of novel coronavirus."

7. Just like all viruses, it needs to reach a ____________, which is your lung and it has to get there with your help.