1. Carl’s wife passed away. He __________ her. He is looking at their photo album.

2. There is a picture of him and Ellie on their wedding day. They look so _________!

3. Look! They ________ dancing.

4. There is a picture of Carl on his birthday. Ellie is ________ him on the cheek.

5. In another picture, he and Ellie are sitting at the kitchen table. They are __________.

6. There is a beautiful picture of Ellie. She is sitting in her favorite _________ near the window on a sunny day.

7. In the last picture, Carl is _________ Ellie’s hand.

8. “Thanks for the ______________,” Ellie wrote. “Now go have a new one!”

9. Carl looks at Ellie’s empty chair. He smiles and ___________ to go on another adventure.