1. Ross: I'm in for fifty _________.

2. Rachel: I see your fifty cents... and I _________ you... five dollars.

3. Ross: I thought, uh... it was a fifty cent ___________.

4. Rachel: Well, I just lost a job, and I'd like to raise the ________ five bucks. Does anybody have a problem with that?

5. Ross: OK, I am ___________ your seventeen. Whaddaya-got?

6. Rachel: Full ____________.

7. Ross: You ______ me.

8. Joey: Ahhh, that's alright. Y'know, that's a __________ hand to beat.

9. Chandler: I ______________ we had them!

10. Ross: Oh, well, when you don't have the cards, you don't have the cards, you know. But, uh... look _________ happy she is.