1. Have you ever been to the beach and ___________ litter, like plastic bottles or foam take-out containers on the sand?

2. Or maybe you’ve been to a _________ or bay where there’s a car tire or bags stuck in the mud on the shore?

3. Or a bunch of deflated __________ that say Happy Birthday floating in the water?

4. All of that __________ in the water, or on the shoreline, is considered marine debris. It's anything solid and man-made in the ocean or Great Lakes that is not supposed to be there.

5. And anything people use every day can become marine debris if they don't ________ of it properly. And I mean anything!

6. The most _________ items we find when we do shoreline cleanups are plastics.

7. But we also find rubber, cloth, glass, ________, and paper litter.

8. Sometimes, the debris is so ________, like a plastic microbeads from your face wash, that you can barely see it in the water.

9. Marine debris is more than just _________ in the ocean.

10. But most importantly, marine debris is one of the biggest __________ problems facing the world's oceans and waterways today.